Strategic Partners Performing Operational Excellence

Supply chain management for beauty and food

Shipping Beauty is a full service product/packaging development and operations company.

Our team has acquired extensive knowledge in the domain of Supply Chain Management and can help you with all your concerns promptly.


Cost Savings

Let go of the burden of cash flow management and resource allocation for substantial cost savings with our turnkey solutions that help improve your operations with speed to market concepts.

Extensive Knowledge

Shipping Beauty helps with the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into finished goods. It involves the active streamlining of a brand's supply chain activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in this stressful marketplace.

Technical Support

Our staff is ready 24/7 to help you out with building your business. Focus on your sales and product development while we handle the rest.

Proven Expertise

All our professionals have served for more than 20+ years in the industry working for major brands and bring valuable experience to serve every customer niche. We bring a strong and vetted network of trusted partners in every part of the supply chain vertical.

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Supply Chain Management

Out-source your Supply Chain Operations! Shipping Beauty combines knowledge, resources and hands on experience to make your supply chain your best competitive advantage.

Warehouse Operations

Save time and resources with comprehensive warehousing solutions for all your B2B and B2C orders. We will also expedite all you kit assembly request promptly.


Over the past twelve years SB has developed relationships with some of the premiere contract manufacturers in the country. They range from a small boutique filler to a very large high-volume mass production manufacturer\'s plus a few with highly advanced technology.

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Marketing Services

We have an unparalleled lineup of world class marketing, branding, and analytics experts ready to blow your brand up using proven methods including an Influencer outreach program, social media strategy, and proprietary technology.​


We’ve been using the same freight forwarders and trucking companies for over 12 years now. They have impeccable customer service with state of the art tracking technology for LTL, TL, Drayage, and all local pick-up/deliveries.

Customs Compliance

Our specialist partner can provide expert advice for different customers to meet all customs requirements no matter what country you are shipping from or too.

Inventory Management

Manage your Inventory efficiently to reduce your working capital and streamline your operations with our Inventory Management Services.


Our packaging partners will help you with the design process plus the engineering part to insure great quality. We help handle all secondary packaging, single dose applications, sample size, vials, packet\’s and all custom shippers for e-commerce.

Distribution and Order Fulfillment

Eliminate any risk of error by trusting Shipping Beauty with a hands-on management of your Distribution and Logistics. Put your mind at ease with the use of our state of the art WMS and ERP system with 100% transparency and trackability.

Kit Assembly

We handle all types of Assembly- holiday kits, Gift boxes, display\’s, GWP\’s, Shrink wrapping, cello wrapping and QVC & HSN pack outs.

Strategic Partners Performing Operational Excellence

For over 35 years, we have provided luxury dry cleaning services. Just look at what our customers say!

“I’m always impressed with the service from Clark & Sons dry cleaning. They are true professionals and consistently do a great job.”
Susan Connelly
“The only business I trust with my valuable clothing items. Whenever I need something done, I can rely on them for fast and quality service.”
Leona Hutton

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